What is Mongock

What is Mongock

Mongock is a java MongoDB tool for tracking, managing and applying database schema changes across all your environments based on a coding approach.

Why Mongock

There are several good reasons to use Mongock in your project. Here we give you some of them:
    Solid solution which really works.
    Works well with sharded collections: Unlike other similar projects using javascript, which requires db.eval(). Documentation
    Works with Mongo Atlas.
    Distributed solution with solid locking mechanism.
    Great support and very responsive.
    Solid open source tool.
    Well maintained and regularly updated.
    Well documented.
    Used by several tech companies in different industries.
    Used by well known frameworks such as JHipster.
    Can be used together with most, if not all, frameworks.
    Provides great integration for Spring, allowing you to inject any custom dependency you want to your changeLog method and still been synchronised
    We walk with you to production. Get more information about our support model at [email protected]
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